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[19 October 2017] The Training Requirement for Cyber Operator is now active

[15 December 2016] The following Training Requirements are undergoing review and will not be accepting submissions until further notice: Geomatics Technician, Electronic-Optronic Technician - Apprentice.

The CAF Accreditation Certification Equivalencies (CAF-ACE) Directory is aimed at identifying training and education programs offered by Canada's Post-Secondary Training and Education Institutions (colleges, institutes of technology, polytechnics, CEGEPs and university colleges) so they can be recognized as aligning with the training and education requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The intended outcomes of the CAF-ACE program are to:

  • Identify programs and courses that meet CAF occupational training requirements;
  • Facilitate updates to the Military Occupation List Incentives and Allowances and the Non-Commissioned Members - Subsidized Training and Education Program (NCM STEP); and
  • Facilitate recruitment of military members.