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Welcome to the Canadian Armed Forces - Accreditation Certification Equivalency (CAF-ACE)


[30 November 2021] The "Browse Accredited Programmes" section of the website is being updated. Please refer to the "Amendment - NCMSTEP and PIRA MOL 2021/2022" PDF published on this website for up-to-date information on subsidized training and education programming, pay increments, and recruitment allowances. Please note that the MOL document published on this website is the only approved source, and must be accessed via a CAF-ACE account. For any questions, please use the "Contact Us" tab in the menu above.

Canadian Armed Forces
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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) are seeking colleges, cégeps, institutes of technology and other institutions, capable of providing training that meets CAF needs. This site is used to identify training programmes and courses that can satisfy CAF training requirements.

My Skills and Education Translator aims to assist CAF members in career transition by providing a centralized resource that can be used to identify which Post-Secondary Institutions recognize prior learning for military skills and education. This may be in the form of civilian equivalency, accreditation of specific occupation training, education, experience or a combination thereof.

Canadian Armed Forces Education and Training
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The CAF-ACE directory hosts 228 post-secondary institutions, with 458 credit offerings across the country!